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Now I Lay Me Down To Rest
Now I lay me down to rest,
This, dear Lord, is my request.
I’m young now and I’d like to know,
Will there be rivers when I grow?
When I’m a man will there be air
That I can breathe without a care?
Will there be trees and mountains high?
Will hawks still glide across the sky?
Please God, teach all the grown-ups how
To care for Mother Earth right now.
So through the meadows I can run
And, one day, so can my own son.

About the Author

JIM and KAREN SEAMAN have been married for 53 years, often writing poems to each other. Jim is a retired 5th and 6th-grade elementary school teacher who went back to college at the age of 51 to acquire his teaching certificate. Karen has worked as an animal keeper at the Los Angeles Zoo, a freelance muralist, and a medical assistant. Jim started writing poetry to Karen which was on the plus side of fair, but scored lots of brownie points. Eventually, he improved his poetic writing ability and amassed a collection of over 200 poems about everyday life, social issues, politics, family, and controversial topics, with most having powerful endings that will make the reader question, wonder, think and smile. Jim and Karen frequently worked as a team, thus elevating their finished product to a higher level.

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There’s one thing quite amazing
About the human face.
Except for twins they’re not the same
Throughout the human race.
Two eyes, two ears and lips,
A mouth, a nose and chin.
Our forehead and our teeth
Inherited from our kin.
So when we each are born
The answer that I seek
Is why are all our faces
So different and unique?

All You Have To Fear Is…….

There’s one thing most of us fear
Both men and women alike.
We call it the dreaded “C” word
And hope it doesn’t strike.
We always do our best to cope
Wishing with all our might
That it will not invade
That ugly cellulite!

The Learning Puzzle
(All the Pieces Must Fit)

They all start school at an early age,
To one day thrive and earn a good wage.
They learn about math and how to write.
They become better readers and learn to recite.
Science and health, history and more.
Their skills develop, their minds will soar.
As they learn, they mature and grow,
But there’s one more thing they need to know.
The one thing lacking that isn’t taught
Is probably not what you would have thought.
We need to teach them to hope and dream,
To blossom with promise and self-esteem.
To succeed in life each woman or man
Must first believe they truly can.